Jason Schwartzman Crashes His Car In Wes Anderson's New 8-Minute Short CASTELLO CAVALCANTI

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Wes Anderson regular Jason Schwatrzman is race car driver Jed Cavalcanti in Anderson's latest short Castello Cavalcanti. Jed finds himself in a spot of trouble when he crashes his race car in a small Italian town while participating in the Molte Miglia in Italy in 1955. What could be an unfortunate turn of events turns out to quite the opposite. 

It was made for fashion house Prada but is distinctly Anderson. It is 8 minutes well spent. 
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  • dx_xb

    Awesome, but what am I supposed to buy?

  • Sebo McPowers

    Nice :)

  • Ηράκλειτος Σκοτεινός Εφέσιος

    Good one!

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