"Iranian New Wave 1960s-1970s" At Asia Society Illuminates An Influential But Little-Known Period Of Cinema History

Christopher Bourne, Featured Critic
Asia Society's film series "Iranian New Wave 1960s-1970s," screening November 2-22, illuminates one of the lesser known film movements of the 60s and 70s, during which filmmakers in Iran, similarly to other contemporary movements in France, Czechoslovakia, Japan, and Brazil, were creating works with boldly individual styles that confronted the sociopolitical realities of their time. In Iran, these films, which were influenced by other world cinemas, navigated governmental censorship to offer alternatives to Hollywood movies and shallow domestic popular movies. Despite their immense influence on later filmmakers, these films remain little known and rarely screened. This series, in conjunction with Asia Society's "Iran Modern" exhibition of pre-1979 revolution Iranian art, sheds valuable light on this important period of cinema history. Below are particular highlights of the series; for more information and to purchase tickets, visit Asia Society's website.
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