DOCTOR WHO: 40 Seconds Of Actual Footage From The 50th Anniversary Excites

, U.S. Editor
With the 50th anniversary special of everyone's favorite time lord broadcasting worldwide November 23rd, it's damn well about time we actually got a look at the actual extended episode. And while showrunner Steven Moffat and his gang, along with the trailer cutting people, are clearly doing their best to make this seem like the Doctor Who feature film some of us have been craving for. Rhat ain't necessarily wrong when it comes to a hype machine, or inaccurate as the special will be playing in select theaters for one night only (click here for U.S. locations).

And for 40 seconds this teaser certainly packs a wallop. We see a good deal of Matt Smith, David Tennant and John Hurt as three versions of The Doctor, while there's also a very distressed looking Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), and some space opera antics. There is also little doubt a lot of clues for the more keen-eyed fans, of which I am not one, so get to assessing what's to come by rewatching these 40 seconds over and over again -- Geronimo!
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