DOCTOR PROCTOR'S FART POWDER: First Teaser For Arild Frohlich's Big Screen Outing Will Blow Your Mind. Or Face. Or Something.

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
Though best known amongst the grown up set as a purveyor of hugely popular crime novels, Norwegian author Jo Nesbo's greatest success may lie with his children's creation Doctor Proctor's Fart Powder. And with Nesbo's crime material already proving a big hit on the screen it comes as no surprise that an adaptation of his children's book is in the works as well.

The world described in this tale is not at all like our world. The dungeons are gloomier, the rich and their sons meaner, the parents much more self-centered, the crazy inventors' inventions crazier. And the beast that lives in the sewer system, brooding on revenge, could easily be a giant anaconda. In this world, the friendship between two lonely children is perhaps even more important than it is in our world.
Fatso helmer Arild Fröhlich takes the controls here with Kristoffer Joner in the title role. Check out the first two images released from the film plus a hilarious first teaser below.

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