Cineteca Nacional's 55 Muestra: Twitch's Top 10 Picks

Cineteca Nacional's 55 Muestra Internacional de Cine begins its activities tonight in Mexico City with a special free screening of the recently restored 35mm print of Julio Bracho's classic Distinto Amanecer (aka Another Dawn), which is celebrating its 70th anniversary.

The Muestra is Christmas in advance for Mexican cinephiles and, like I said in a previous piece, this year's lineup is one of the very best in recent memory. And now Twitch has ready for you a selection with 10 must-see films from it! Out of the 22 titles the Muestra 55 offers I have seen only 9 so far, so the picks displayed in the gallery below are both recommendations and some of the most anticipated films.

For prices and schedule, visit the official site.

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