20 Of The Greatest Action Movie Heroines

James Marsh, Asian Editor
Katniss Everdeen, the reluctant survivalist and revolutionary at the heart of The Hunger Games, returns to our screens this week in Catching Fire. In tribute to this positive female role model embedded firmly in the action genre, we would like to look back at some of the other great Women of Action in films from around the world.

Almost immediately this project throws up hurdles and questions and tough decisions had to be made. The "final girl" of many a great horror movie has been excluded, as have the beautiful yet often-ineffectual Bond girls. Other decisions were also made along the way that may have seen your own personal favourite heroine omitted, such as not including "villains" - so you won't find the black widows from Species, Terminator 3 or Eve of Destruction in this list. 

By all means let us know in the comments below of any other female warriors deserving of our praise. I hope, at the very least, we can all be in agreement that every single one of the women who follow deserve their place alongside Indiana Jones, James Bond, John Matrix and The Dark Knight as cinematic icons of action. And apologies in advance to Cynthia Rothrock - I've never seen any of your films!
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