Young Boys Indoctrinated Into The FATHERLAND In Gripping South African Documentary

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Director Tarryn Crossman has tackled the thorniest of possible subjects with new South African documentary Fatherland. In a South Africa working hard to heal the scars left by years of institutional racism Crossman tells the story of extremist Afrikaaners, pockets on the fringe of communities where racism is still alive and well and extreme paramilitary camps are held multiple times a year to indoctrinate their children.

Fatherland is a coming of age story about three 16 year old Afrikaans, white boys who decide to spend their summer holidays doing basic military training, like their dads. But, when they find themselves at a tented camp deep in the bush, hungry, tired and being indoctrinated by the old Afrikaans regime, they are forced to decide where they fit into the "New South Africa"
Is it a surprise that there are remaining pockets of Afrikaaners still pining for the old days, when the white man ruled the nation? Of course not. If anything I'm surprised its not more prevalent. But, still, it's shocking to see it written so bold with Crossman given free and complete access to the camp by leaders all too happy to explain their doctrines to the world at large. Equal parts fascinating and horrifying, take a look at the trailer below.

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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Equal parts fascinating and horrifying, take a look at the trailer below."

    Looks very interesting though, like that doc, Jesus Camp(2006), thanks Mr Brown.

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