Watch The Trailer For Yonay Boix's Spanish Indie THE ADVENTURES OF CAT-EYED LILY

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Set to premiere at the Sevilla International Film Festival in November, a first trailer has arrived for Yonay Boix's sophomore feature. A low budget indie that Boix describes as an experiment in punk rock filmmaking, The Adventures Of Cat-Eyed Lily should grab the attention of fans of life more on the cinematic fringe.

Lily works at summer nights handing out flyers of a bar in downtown Madrid. Like many young people her age, Lily tries to project an image of somebody she really isn't: strong and independent, surrounded by many good friends, living the kind of life she wants and with high job expectations. But during one hot summer night the true Lily will come out; about to turn thirty, heavy drinker, barely making a living, yearning for children and for someone to embrace in bed at night. So many things will happen to her with so many people that she´ll realize once and for all that she´s not alone in the world.

Take a look at the trailer below.
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