Watch The Exclusive Trailer For Stuart Simpson's CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA

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Part Taxi Driver. Part The Good The Bad And The Ugly. All ice cream man.

Twitch was pleased to present the Tom Hodge designed poster for El Monstro Del Mar director Stuart Simpson's latest cult opus Chocolate Strawberry Vanilla last week and now we're even more pleased to follow that up with a first look at the trailer for the film. Soon to premiere at Monster Fest in Australia, here's how the festival describes it:

Stuart Simpson is a major Australian talent. His films defy genre and expectation. CHOCOLATE STRAWBERRY VANILLA is his best yet. A meticulously crafted journey into the fragile psychology of an ice-cream van driver, it is dramatic, black and hilarious. Glenn Maynard is incredible in the lead role. Unmissable!
Check out the trailer below!

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