VIKING VAMPIRE: More Art And An Official Synopsis!

Todd Brown, Founder and Editor
It was just yesterday that we brought word of an in-progress Norwegian horror comedy titled Viking Vampire and today we bring you more concept art and an official synopsis for the feature in development know with Bergen based production company MadMonkey and writers Kjersti Rasmussen and Kjersti Steinsbø.

In the reality show "Valhalla", the participants live and compete like Vikings in the beautiful fjords of Norway. The Viking village is built on historic ground where the Viking King Eirik Bloodtooth once ruled and was later buried. Little do they know that the old king is a Viking Vampire who has waited for over a 1,000 years to be set free. When the reality participants plunder his grave at night, they break the seal in silver that kept Eirik Bloodtooth trapped in his grave, and release the most dangerous Viking King in Norwegian history.

Soon the participants will discover that "reality" sucks.
Einar Loftesnes & Thale's Bendik Heggen Strønstad produce. Check out the new art below and remember you can click to enlarge.

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