Trip Out With Croatian Short Film AMNESIAC AT THE BEACH

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Whatever you may have in mind when you hear about a film from Croatia - assuming you have anything at all - it's very likely not what director Dalibor Baric delivers with his short film Amnesiac On The Beach. A selection of the Sitges Film Festival this is an experimental head trip just jammed with fascinating imagery. Check out the trailer below.
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  • Mr. Cavin

    Croatia has a long history of award-winning animated shorts (owing to the Zagreb School of Animation's studio, which has been pumping out awesome stuff since 1956). This is what I usually think about when I hear about a film from Croatia. And while this trailer is for a live-action short, it does seem like it has its roots in the same sort of avant spirit. I love stuff like this, and hope the full short is available online someday.

    Thanks for letting me know about it.

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