The Many Dutch Angles At This Year's Golden Calves

Ard Vijn, Associate Editor, Features
Earlier this month, the Dutch Film Festival took place in the city of Utrecht. As film festivals go in The Netherlands, this is the most glamorous one we've got, with a high attendance of national celebrities, cameracrews, the works. Where Rotterdam draws the international art crowd, Utrecht beckons the paparazzi.

One of the reasons so many VIPs show up is because this festival has its very own glamorous awards ceremony, the Dutch Oscars if you like: the Golden Calves.

And although awards ceremonies often say more about which films have been best distributed, and the Golden Calves ceremony sure is not exempt from that, this overview of the nominees and winners still gives a pretty decent overview of what this year had on offer in Dutch cinema. Have a look through all the pictures below, as there are more Dutch films besides Borgman to be enjoyed!
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