Say Hello To Edgar Wright's ANT-MAN

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Who's the man in the suit? It would appear the time has come for speculation to begin in earnest where Edgar Wright's Ant-Man is concerned. Having freshly concluded his press obligations for The World's End, Wright tweeted yesterday that he was back in LA and that it was 'time to finish a little something he'd been working on.' Included was this photo, which is clearly of Marvel superhero Ant-Man in his suit.

Now, the general feeling is that this is most likely from the test reel Wright shot earlier - the reel that actually got the film green lit - but with the man now actively in pre-production we should expect more soon. Check the full image below and remember you can click to enlarge.
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  • RoboticPlague

    im pretty sure there was footage of this shown. he runs down a hall and shrinks or something then punches a dude. I saw it a long ass time ago.

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