RAVENOUS Director Antonia Bird Passes Away At 54

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Very sad new today with reports out of the UK that Ravenous director Antonia Bird has passed away at the age of 54. Though there is no official word yet on the cause of death I was personally in touch with Bird earlier this year trying to recruit her for a project currently in development at XYZ Films. Though interested in the project Bird ultimately passed saying only that health concerns were forcing her to take the rest of 2013 off to recuperate and she has clearly lost the battle with whatever that illness may have been.

In addition to her feature film work - much of which featured her close friend Robert Carlyle in the lead - Bird also had an impressive body of work in television including such shows as Cracker, MI-5, and Casualty. Bird was a fiercely talented director with a strong, unique voice and she will be sorely missed.
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "Very sad new today with reports out of the UK that Ravenous director Antonia Bird has passed away at the age of 54."

    Sad news indeed, Bird made a really controversial film, Priest(1994), I really liked that one.

    And of course Ravenous(1999)......a very misunderstood movie that hardly any critic in Sweden liked.

    Dark comedies about the exploitation in the west, cannibalism, wendigos, etc didn´t sit well with them I guess....

    Face (1997) was a bit uneven......I thought that Route Irish(2010) by Ken Loach, Alan Clarkes Made in Britain(1982) dealt with the same themes better, but anyone interesting in seeing Lena Headey, pre Game of Thrones, should watch it.

    And then we have that TV-film, Cracker(2006).......I remember that to be pretty good. Another great collaboration with Jimmy McGovern.

    RIP, Bird and thanks for the all the films you did.

  • Qinlong

    Ravenous is an AMAZING film, seriously underrated. I'd been waiting for her feature film follow-up The Meat Trade forever. What a sad loss.

  • reviewer007

    A real pity.

  • arturo

    Shit this is bad news, i loved Ravenous and Face, a sad loss..I'm going to have a double bill of Ravenous and Face tonight..

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