On, No! Not Fluffy! The Kitty Gets It In Malaysian Giant Snake Film ULAR!

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There's some giant snake action coming our way from Malaysia and director Jason Chong with his upcoming creature feature Ular due to hit local cinemas in December. As is always the case with these sorts of films the story is pretty stock with the entertainment value ultimately coming down to the execution and the trailer for Chong's film promises great things on that front.

A group of lucky draw winners win a dream vacation on a seemingly idyllic island resort, only to discover themselves trapped on an island infested with deadly snakes.

Take a look at the trailer below!
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  • Mehaillien Thundercross

    The snake FX look pretty great, this might be fun!

  • TangoNiner

    0:57 Python (Constrictor) do not have fangs, only venomous snakes do. Good try but should have paid more attention to details though.

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