UPDATED WITH VIDEO: Michael Bay Assaulted In Apparent Extortion Attempt On Set Of TRANSFORMERS 4

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UPDATE: A subtitled video report from Apple Daily has now been added below. Thanks to @Marcosparmberg for the heads up.

Director Michael Bay was assaulted today on the Hong Kong set of Transformers 4 in an apparent - and rather inept, frankly - extortion attempt by a pair of local brothers who approached the director and demanded he give them one hundred thousand Hong Kong dollars, which is just under $13 000 US.

Bay was struck in the face during the altercation by the elder of the two men who then attempted to fight a trio of police officers. Bay was struck in the face but refused treatment on the scene and continued with his planned shoot while the two men directly involved in the attack were arrested along with a third man whose involvement is not clear.

[UPDATE: Apparently an air conditioner was involved. Who attacks a guy with an air conditioner?]
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  • Art Vandelay

    You gotta admire Michael Bay's persistence.

  • marshy00

    Yeah. I mean...FOUR Transformers movies!!! Jeeeez.

  • darrenjh

    I know. He won't stop, even when attacked he's gotta get straight back to making shite without delay. I guess the suits would have been displeased if they saw him slacking on the job in front of cameras. :-)

  • Jose Carlos Laureano

    Not enough explosions and that "BRRRRUURRRRRRRRMMMMMM" sound effect.

  • Whitman Lam

    They should make a movie about this incident !

  • Martin Wagner

    I must confess to wanting to smack the guy many times myself. Still, I'm happy to know he wasn't really hurt.

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