Lee Kuan Yew Pleads INSANITY For Huang Xiaoming And Lau Ching Wan

, Asian Editor
Hong Kong veteran filmmaker Derek Yee is turning mentor for his latest project, shepherding first-time writer-director Lee Kuan Yew through psychological thriller Insanity. Huang Xiaoming is set to star, as a young hotshot psychiatrist, who comes face to face with a violent yet devilishly intelligent psychopath, played by Lau Ching Wan. 

While this is Lee's first time in the director's chair, he is already a well-known and respected member of Hong Kong's film industry, serving as Assistant Director for Tsui Hark, Andrew Lau and Derek Yee himself over the years.

Lee apparently first showed the script for Insanity to Yee in 2008, and has spent the past five years reworking it to meet Yee's expectations. Clearly the veteran director behind One Nite In Mongkok, Protege and The Great Magician is now confident that Lee's script is strong enough, and is giving him a shot at directing the film too.

Produced by Bona Film Group, Insanity also stars Fiona Sit, Paw Hee Ching, Alex Fong, Michelle Ye and Michelle Wai and is currently shooting in Hong Kong for a 2014 release.
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