Kickstart This! Tal Zimmerman's Documentary WHY HORROR?

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There are loads of horror docs out there already so why should you pony up your hard earned cash to help Tal Zimmerman, Rob Lindsay and Nicolas Kleiman complete their in progress work Why Horror? Because unlike other offerings this one is not about a particular movement or filmmaker but about the psychology of horror itself and why we're drawn to being repulsed. Plus it's already got interviews with a host of luminaries - the directors alone already on camera include John Carpenter, George Romero, Alexandre Aja, Eli Roth, Alex de la Iglesia, Don Coscarelli and more - and you could score yourself a copy of that lovely artwork to the left: An original piece by Ghoulish Gary Pullin.

There's also the small matter that it looks very good.

So there you have it. They're makin' a movie and they want your money. Check out full details on the campaign here and check out the pitch video - which includes large amounts of interview footage - below.
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