Kickstart This! Alex Karpovsky in FOLK HERO & FUNNY GUY

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Alex Karpovsky will star in Folk Hero & Funny Guy as a struggling stand-up comedian who goes on tour with his successful singer-songwriter friend -- but in order to make that happen, some crucial seed money is needed.

Granted, the idea of a comic road trip movie is fraught with peril, and contributing to any indie film requires a leap of faith, but here are three reasons why I'm putting my money where my mouth is and donating to this project:

(1) The pitch video, featuring writer/director Jeff Grace, is breezy and funny.

(2) Karpovsky, a talented actor and filmmaker, is a compelling presence, even when he's playing a character I find loathsome, as in Lena Durham's HBO series Girls.

(3) Ryland Aldrich is producing. In addition to serving as Festivals Editor for Twitch, he's also a good and trusted friend. He gained production experience on this year's Snap, which I quite liked, and he's a bright fellow, so that gives me a healthy degree of confidence in the movie.

If nothing else, the pitch video below is worth a moment of time; it might even make you laugh!

You can read more about the project at the official Kickstarter portal page.

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