Indie Beat: Top 5 Most Intriguing Indies In November

Ben Umstead, U.S. Editor
When we get down to awards season, it becomes even harder to discern the nature of so-called independent and limited releases. Like October, many of November's limited releases, start out as such, but are in fact "high-pedigree" studio films (or studio acquisitions) that by February are hoping for some rather rich accolades garnished upon them by the Academy. Though I did highlight 12 Years A Slave last month -- which is undoubtedly one of this year's biggest contenders for awards -- as, at least initially, a limited release, this month I'm doing my best to steer clear of such films, and instead aiming for the more odd or left-field choices. Yes, some rather prestigious names still appear on this list, but then again, one could argue that's just a symptom of the season. C'est la vie.       
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