Feratum 2013 Preview: Images Of Coffin Joe And Gary Pullin With Mariachis And Tequila (Or Is It Mezcal?)!

Feratum 2013 kicks off tomorrow in the magic village of Tlalpujahua, Mexico, but guests José Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe/Zé do Caixão) and Gary Pullin (aka Ghoulish Gary) are already having a blast... or at least that's how it looks from a series of images taken by the Feratum production team in downtown Mexico City! In the gallery you can see the warm welcome Coffin Joe and Ghoulish Gary received, as well as their first-ever visit to Garibaldi, the quintessential spot for some Mariachi music and, why not, a taste of tequila and mezcal!

Twitch's Feratum 2013 coverage

Feratum 2013 is going to be celebrated from October 3 to 6. 
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