Feratum 2013: José Mojica Marins' Visit In Quotes And Exclusive Photos

MojicaPosterCinetecaNacional.jpgThe visit of Jose Mojica Marins (Ze do Caixao/Coffin Joe) was by far the best thing Feratum 2013 offered. 

It was incredible and I had the luck to stay close to him in Tlalpujahua first and later in my hometown Mexico City, where the complete Ze do Caixao trilogy was screened (on October 8). Mojica Marins was a participant of pretty much every Feratum event: you could see him at the opening and closing/award ceremony or even just walking the streets of Tlalpujahua together with one of his sons (I saw them once, at the public plaza).

Three Mojica Marins events happened during his first ever visit to Mexico: a press conference, the "masters of horror master class" (alongside Gary Pullin and Rodrigo Gudiño) and a solitary master class at Mexico City's Cineteca Nacional. The reunion with the press and the Mexico City class wandered around the same themes, with Mojica almost begging for weirder questions. I already shared my experiences while attending these Mojica events (check it out here), so it's time to let you know what the Brazilian legend said to journalists and fans. 

In this piece you'll find Mojica's juiciest bits from the press conference and the Cineteca Nacional master class, as well as some exclusive photos with the man himself posing for Twitch's camera.

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