Euro Beat: Get To Know The European Oscar Contenders

Brian Clark, Editor-at-Large
Yesterday was the deadline for each country around the world to choose a film to submit for Oscar consideration. While only a few of them will make the cut come January 16 when the final nominations are announced, this moment is a perfect time to become better acquainted with what each European country's Academy of Film and TV deemed the best (Or most Oscar-worthy) film to be released this year. And the list is pretty diverse! Sure, there's a fair number of dark social-issue dramas, but this year's crop also includes a spy comedy, a bee documentary and a movie about the devil! So click through below to see all of the submissions and decide which ones to put on your radar. And if you disagree with your country's choice, feel free to chime in below!

Note: Regular readers may notice that this Eurobeat broke the column's regular, bi-weekly Tuesday schedule. It will return to its normal posting-day next installment.
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