Arrow Video & Arrow Academy Will Own Your Soul In 2014

J Hurtado, Contributing Writer
Arrow Video has come a long way in the last four years. They've evolved from a giallo-centric label focusing on the classic works from Argento and '80s American slashers into the premier cult label in the world. The slashers and Italian horror are still there, but they're now supplemented by big name cult classics like John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China and minor masterpieces long thought forgotten by audiences like The Car. Each release is treated with the kind of care that cult film fans have always wanted but never thought possible, and that is what puts them heads and shoulders above their competition in the English-speaking world.

Arrow's latest attack on cult film lovers' wallets is a doozy. The first three months of 2014 features title after title that I never thought I'd live to see get the deluxe treatment on Blu-ray, but here we are, fat and happy. Not only does Arrow Video show us the goods, but the recently resurrected Arrow Academy prestige line also features some world Blu-ray premieres that are definitely worth checking out!

Click through the gallery below and prepare to mortgage your soul to the Devil in order to make these releases your own.
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