"You Can't Make A School Shooting Movie": Watch Two New Clips From THE DIRTIES

, U.S. Editor
Fresh off showings at Fantastic Fest and Toronto After Dark, and just a week ahead of it's release from Phase 4 and The Kevin Smith Movie Club, we've got a pair of clips from The Dirties, the Slamdance Grand Jury winning film from those guys from the nutty Nirvana The Band The Show. As should be evident in these clips The Dirties is very, very funny, and very much a film made by film geeks (that's director and co-writer Matt Johnson starring as Matt Johnson in the poster to your left). But that's all merely the tip of the ice berg as you're likely to gleam from what's a-brewing in the minds of these young men.
Check out both clips, embedded below.

The Dirties opens theatrically in Los Angeles, New York, Toronto and New Orleans on Friday, October 4. It expands to more cities starting October 11 and will be available on VOD. Check out the official site for more details.  
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