Watch Me Eat My Shirt. Mmm, Tasty.

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So ... back on September 5th, after viewing Sono Sion's Why Don't You Play In Hell, I wrote a review that started like this:

Mark my words: If another film brings even half the level of lunacy to the Toronto International Film Festival's Midnight Madness lineup as does Sono Sion's Why Don't You Play In Hell, I will eat my shirt. Literally. I will cut up the shirt I am wearing right now - which I quite like, incidentally - I will cook it into a stew, and I will eat it.
The problem with writing things like this, of course, is that sometimes people read them. And also that setting the bar at only fifty percent means not setting it remarkably high. And so, upon watching Matsumoto Hitoshi's R100 and conceding that, yes, it crossed that 50% lunacy threshold, this past Saturday at Fantastic Fest I made good on my word.

Our own James Marsh was sitting in the front row and filmed the whole thing but seems to be too hungover to master the technology necessary to upload the video so I'm using a video posted by Adam Donaghey instead. Check it out below should you care to do so. It was tasty. And my bowels appear to be free of obstruction.

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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "It was tasty. "

    You should have used some thai chili sauce, Mr Brown.......I hear flannel taste great with that.

    "And my bowels appear to be free of obstruction." no nike shoes for dessert?

  • softeyes

    Wait General Zod isn't Todd Brown?

  • Cedric Chou Ya-Li

    Ha, a picture of The Man himself! And I thought General Zod was the founder of Twitch all these years!

  • Re-Bop

    A man of his word. I respect that. This should also remind me to check out both of those films whenever I get the chance. Freaky movies worth eating clothing for. That's what cinema is all about.

  • Mica smar

    Mmmmm, plaid...

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