TIFF 2013: Short Film YOUNG WONDER Just Described My Entire Childhood!

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Two things are happening here. Either James Wilkes and I are kindred spirits. Or. The guy has been sneaking into my room at night and tapping into my brain to access my childhood memories and is using them for his own gain! The director of the TIFF selected short film Young Wonder has managed to describe my entire childhood in a span of just over five minutes!

Utilizing my childhood memories (maybe) and the help of some buds who have done VFX work on films like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Resident Evil, Wilkes captures the greatness that is a child's imagination. He described his short to us as, "a legion of pop culture, comic, game, sci fi  icons, Mechs and 50 foot tentacle monsters... It is basically bat shit insane".

It most certainly is, and I love it! Get out of my head, James Wilkes!
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