Russia Dips Into Fantasy Territory With Upcoming DARK WORLD: EQUILIBRIUM

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For a brief time it appears as though Russia was poised to be a major player when it came to science fiction and fantasy films. The literary traditions for both in Russia are rich and deep and the massive financial success of Timur Bekmambetov's Night Watch films seemed a harbinger of many, many more to come. And there were a few that followed close behind but weak performance at the box office by some high priced duds coupled with the massive successes of a string of low budget comedies combined o convince producers to, for the most part, explore less risky pastures.

But there are exceptions and Oleg Asadulin's Dark World: Equilibrium - a sequel to 3D hit The Dark World - is one.

Shadows leak out from Dark World to Human World. Hungry and frozen, they feed on human joy, love and lifetime. Evil force gains strength and portal between two worlds is about to be destroyed. The team of Initiates is trying to maintain a fragile balance every day. But even they cannot resist the impending catastrophe. Only strength of True Love will be enough to restore equilibrium and to save our world.
The trailer for this one is freshly arrived online. Take a look below.

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