Macabro 2013: An Encounter With Lamberto Bava And Luigi Cozzi (Part 2, Cozzi's Giallo Master Class)

This is the second and final piece about my encounter with legendary Italian filmmakers Lamberto Bava and Luigi Cozzi at Macabro 2013. It's actually just about Cozzi, since Bava wasn't a participant of the conference, celebrated at Mexico City's Cineteca Nacional. Bava was simply another member of the public. The festival asked Cozzi to do a conference/master class about giallo, and well, he ended up saying pretty much everything you need to know about it, and then some. 

Going from the history of the term "giallo" to personal stories about his relationship with Dario Argento, Cozzi's master class was something to smile at. Without any more prelude, I leave you the gallery with the most memorable quotes from the talk (and from the little Q&A that followed)! 

Note: You can check out part one here

(Photo by Claudia Aguilar Guarneros)
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