Film4 Frighfest Announces Their All Nighter Lineup! SOULMATE! PATRICK! MARK OF THE DEVIL!

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Film4 Frightfest have announced their lineup for this year's All Nighter. The main event will be taking place in London at the Vue West End on October 26th. So if you're looking for that final big push to get into the Halloween spirit then you might want to get your ticket early on October 1st. There will also be All Nighter events at satellite locations in Basildon, Bristol, Glasgow, Newcastle, Poole and Sunderland. These events take place on November 2nd and 16th.

This year's lineup includes the UK Premiere of Axelle Carolyn's Soulmate. Her hubby Neil Marshall and lead actress Anna Walton will be on hand for the Q&A afterwards. Mark Hartley's remake of Patrick is part of the lineup. Frightfest is hoping that Sharni Vinson will be there for a Q&A. Hoping. Canadian groovy horror flick Discopath is set to move hips and turn stomachs. Filmmaker Renaud Gauthier will be jumping the pond for the Q&A. The evening's retro screening will be Michael Armstrong's Mark of the Devil. Arrow Video will be releasing the 1970 witch hunting horror flick and the director will be going over for the Q&A. Following up its debut during the Midnight Madness program at TIFF Marvin Kren's The Station will look to infect the wildlife around the greater London area. And finally, Nothing Left to Fear, the first horror film to be produced under GnR guitarist Slash's banner Slasher Films will also drop in the wee hours of the morning.

So keep your eyes peeled on the Frightfest website for ticket information!
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