Fantastic Fest 2013: Images From Day One - MACHETE KILLS, SEPTIC MAN, PROXY And Many More!

Andrew Mack, Associate Editor, News
Welcome to the first of many galleries committed to giving you a visual essay of the treats and fun going on in Austin at Fantastic Fest this week. A small gaggle of our intrepid staff is there right now whooping it up Texas style so the rest of us get the enviable task of sorting through a bevy of images from each day at the festival. Goody. Todd claims that the gang at ground zero cannot commit to creating these galleries because of dodgy wi-fi. Those of us who have been to many a Fantastic Fest, including myself, know this is simply not the case. I feel that I should be quoting Pickles from that episode of Metalocalypse when he tries to buy 'that cinnamon bun franchise', "Too drunk. Too drunk"

Enjoy the show!

(NOTE: There is no photographic evidence to back up my claim about that drunk part. But we know. We know.)
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