Exclusive: SKINWALKER RANCH, Poster And Clip Debut For Sci-Fi Thriller

Peter Martin, Managing Editor

Inspired by true events, Devin McGinn's Skinwalker Ranch is set in and around the titular location in northeasern Utah, U.S.A. Allegedly, mysterious orbs, UFOs, "giant wolf-like creatures," and livestock mutilation have been reported in the area for years. The film begins with the disappearance of a rancher's 8-year-old son, whereupon a team of investigators descend, and things escalate from there.

We've got an exclusive clip that gets in and out pretty quickly and effectively, teasing as it goes, as well as the first look at the poster and several stills. Jon Gries, Kyle Davis, Steve Berg and Devin McGinn star; the film is heading to theaters nationwide on October 30. Assuming, that is, that "they" don't get us before then ...

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