Etrange 2013 Interview: Stephen Sayadian Is 'The Most Interesting Man In The World'

Stephen Sayadian is just one of those 'Guys'. 

A born provocateur. A gregarious storyteller. A genre unto himself. He's been everywhere and met everyone. He may not be a household name, but name one in front of him and chances are he'll have a few stories about them.

The genre he created, dominated and left behind could best be described, I suppose, as surrealist nightmare art-porn. But, funny. With Nightdreams, Cafe Flesh and Dr. Caligari, Sayadian lifts from experimental theatre (where he has also worked extensively), silent cinema and absurdist comedy to create X-rated films that are anything but erotic, hallucinations that stick with you long after the leads have pulled out. 

And after making three of the very strangest films I, or anyone else, has ever or will ever see, he more or less vanished. His emergence at this year's Etrange Festival was the undisputed highlight of the whole event for myself, and many more. What follows is less an interview than a series of spirited monologues, where he talks about his equally surreal career path, from creative director of Hustler magazine to acclaimed poster artist to arthouse auteur.  I didn't get many words in edgewise, and didn't need to. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.
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