Edwin Will Explore War, Sex, Desire And Betrayal In EXOTIC PICTURES.

, Associate Editor, Features
The Indonesian director known as (just) Edwin has started on a Dutch-Indonesian co-production called Exotic Pictures. Working from a script by himself and Marco van Geffen, Edwin will look at, and I quote from the press notes by production company Lemming Film:
"...the long and suppressed history between the Dutch and the Indonesians through war, sex, desire and betrayal."

The renowned filmmaker, who won multiple awards with his previous features Blind Pig Who Wants To Fly and Postcards From The Zoo, is currently studying at the Dutch Film Academy, where his subject is "porn and history". Sounds like he's the right man for this job!

The story of Exotic Pictures takes place on the Indonesian island of Bali during the forties and fifties, and will be shot on location in The Netherlands and Indonesia. Judging from Edwin's previous output this is definitely one production to keep an eye on. To be continued...
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