Check A Pair Of Trailers For Jon Yeo's LEVIATHAN AGES

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The trailers for director Jon Yeo's Leviathan Ages may not tip much about the storyline to his short film but one thing is clear: The man knows his way around an odd and compelling image. Here's how he describes it:

High up amongst craggy hilltops sits the ancient and powerful monument. An imposing temple, from where the Empire has been ruled harshly. Inside, a decrepit inner sanctum. Its dull crumbling walls are defaced with tribal markings. Half turned to dust and dead wired, a still and dormant place.

The Emperor sits centrally in the chamber. Proud, defiant, adorned in ceremonial robes. These are his last moments, in a trance like state our illustrious leader begins to conduct an aeons old ritual. With telekinetic grace, nine stones levitate, orbiting in gentle celestial ballet. This rite awakens the spirits of nine dead Kings, their eternal souls now locked in fragmented prisons carved from the ancient rock.

Across ruined landscapes they approach to claim the fallen Emperor, in judgement of his reign.

A labor of love for Yeo, who pieced the film together over the past two years, take a look at the two trailers below.

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  • Woah. That's some of the most striking imagery I've ever seen. Reminds me of some dreams I've had.

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