ASMODEXIA Set Visit Reveals More of the Spanish Horror New Wave

Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Associate Editor
About an hour north of Barcelona, an old tuberculosis hospital was converted to a large film studio, the Parc Audiovisual de Catalunya. Fans of Spanish horror film have likely seen several films shot there, and the most recent film in production is Asmodexia. The first feature film directed by Marc Carreté, written by Carreté and Mike Hostench (co-director of the Sitges Fantastic Film Festival), the studio's former use has served useful for some scenes of the film, which I was able to visit recently.

Asmodexia tells the story of a grandfather and granddaughter exorcist team, who travel the Barcelona area plying their trade. On set, I had the opportunity to watch a scene being shot, and talk to Carreté and Hostench about the film. In addition, the production team sent me some pretty amazing stills from the film.
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