Every Man For Himself As The Women Strike Back In First Teaser For Victor Vu's BATTLE OF THE BRIDES 2

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A new trailer for the sequel to Vietnamese rom-com hit Battle of the Brides arrived today, featuring a ton of surprises. The scope of the sequel expands this time out moving from a clash between four girls and their unknowingly shared Don Juan boyfriend to a full on battle between male and female.

Starting with a chaotic street fight, Battle of the Brides 2 shows men crying, women chasing them, explosions and even military helicopters in the sky. Kinda strange for a rom-com! At the end, you can see the four leaders of the Black Widows (an anti-male female vigilante group) standing in front of a crowd full of other girls, and you can hear the leader speak the group's motto: "Killing the wrong man is still better than missing one."

It's crazy but fun for a teaser trailer. Now I'm really curious about what this movie will focus on. My deepest impression is the young well-dressed school girl. She has a meteor hammer just like Gogo in Kill Bill.

Check out the teaser below:
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