Transylvania 2013 Festival Report: The Romanian New Wave Continues

Films like Stuff Dough and The Death of Mr. Lazarescu, along with other successes, have put Romania back on the map of world cinema. All this through a movement that came into notoriety under the banner of the so-called Romanian New Wave. This long process of rehabilitation of the national cinema has been embraced by new and talented filmmakers as well as specific film aesthetics.

When asked about this renaissance in Romanian cinema, Mihai Chirilov, artistic director of the Transylvania International Film Festival, had this to say: "There are slightly more films made every year, despite the terrible financial conditions, and it's incredibly rewarding to see that the Romanian cinema is still riding the Wave, grabbing awards everywhere, despite some critics bitching about it (sometimes for good reason though). Most of the Romanian films that get awarded abroad don't find their audience at home, though, and perform poorly at the box-office." Continue on below for an in-depth look at the festival and how it's nurturing Romanian national cinema.
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