The Director Of DAYTIME DRINKING Returns With Pitch Dark Comedy INTRUDERS

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Director Noh Young-seok turned a lot of heads around the world with his 2008 debut, Daytime Drinking. A tiny budget indie that saw Noh doing virtually everything himself - he's credited as writer, director, producer, actor, cinematographer, editor, composer, production designer and sound man - the film became an unlikely hit on the festival circuit thanks largely to his clever writing and strong characters.

So, as is often the case when a young director manages a success despite tiny resources the question becomes what's next? Can they make the transition to so called 'proper' filmmaking? And Noh's answer comes with his super dark comedy Intruders, freshly announced as a selection of the Toronto International Film Festival.

It's a simple set up that appears to play straight to Noh's strengths, the story of a writer who heads to an isolated house in the mountains to be alone and work only to have a collection of dodgy figures arrive and send the whole thing spiraling into violence.

The trailer for this one is great fun, take a look below.
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  • Jaime Leung

    Feels like a hodgepodge of Cabin in the Woods & I Saw the Devil

  • Mr. Cavin

    Yeah, the comedy part isn't really coming through in the trailer, is it?

  • Bos

    ...and the slasher part is way too generic.

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