Teaser for Errol Morris' THE UNKNOWN KNOWN Showcases Obsession And Nuance

One of my most anticipated titles at TIFF, Errol Morris' documentary interview with Donald Rumsfeld called The Unknown Known now has a very effective teaser.

A sort of follow up to Morris' Fog Of War - the Oscar winning documentary on Robert McNamara, another US Secretary of State - and appearing as slickly edited and scored as always, the trailer establishes the setting of the two Gulf Wars and Saddam Hussein's position of power, before highlighting the twin constants of Morris' filmmaking: obsession and nuance. Rumsfeld actually calls the filmmaker out on a possible obsession with capturing Rumsfeld's obsession, while also declaring, "I'm cool and measured."

OK, this is going to be a subtle battle of wills, as well as some elucidation on the thinking of the recent, former, Secretary of State and political lifer. 

Simply put, this is going to be great.
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