Pick Up Your Guns And Prepare For A BRAZILIAN WESTERN

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Just announced as part of the Contemporary World Cinema program at the Toronto International Film Festival, Rene Sampaio's Brazilian Western (Faroeste Caboclo) looks to be a stylish bit of cultural appropriation with American western elements fused to a very local story inspired by a popular song. TIFF describes it like this:

Loosely based on legendary Brasilia rock band Legiao Urbana's seminal folk song, René Sampaio's lyrical, fable-like debut feature follows a young man from the provinces who decides to try his luck in the capital, where he falls in with a rough crowd -- and falls for a senator's daughter.
The trailer for this one is super promising ... take a look below.

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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "The trailer for this one is super promising"

    No, I disagree Mr Brown, looks entertaining, buuuuuuuut I don´t know, bits and pieces from Cidade de Deus/City of God (2002) , Tropa de Elite (2007) , O Homem do Ano/The Man of the Year (2003) etc...maybe it works, who knows, thanks for the trailer.

  • hutch

    This indeed looks promising. Thanks for the tip.

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