Mutant Wasp Creature Feature STUNG Gets The Green Light, Loads Up On Cast

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It was almost exactly a year ago that we first wrote about upcoming creature feature Stung in these pages. At the time the mutant wasp film from director Benni Diez was little more than a script and a very impressive visual effects test but a year later the film is financed with cast in place and slated for an October start to production.

The story revolves around a pair of caterers caught in a garden party gone very, very wrong when attacked by giant mutant wasps and in the words of director Diez, "Stung, to me, is bringing the creature feature cult film feeling from the 80s into the present and a modern-day fun horror movie."

Matt O´Leary (Brick, Frailty), Jessica Cook, Peter Stormare and Lance Henriksen anchor the cast of the film produced by Germany's Rat Pack Filmproduction and LA based XYZ Films (where, yes, I am a partner and, yes, I was actively involved in this one). Check out the original VFX test below for a taste of what's coming.
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