Lock Your Doors: 15 Great Home Invasion Movies You Haven't Seen

Brian Clark, Editor-at-Large
With You're Next opening this Friday on the heels of the massive box office success of The Purge, audiences this year are again questioning the safety of their own homes. It's not at all surprising that the home invasion formula has endured so long in horror movies and thrillers -- after all, what idea strikes more directly and violently at our collective comfort than one exposing the vulnerability of where we live?

However, for whatever reason, the cannon of home invasion "classics" is fairly narrow. Critics these days often name-check Straw Dogs, Last House on the Left, Wait Until Dark, and more recently, Funny Games and The Strangers, but ignore a plethora of fascinating, horrifying and sometimes just bizarre entries into the genre. And so, check your doors and windows, then join us as we explore fifteen lesser-known, but no less terrifying cinematic tales of home invasion from all over the world. Be sure to chime in with any of your favorites that we missed in the comments below.  
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