Fantasia 2013 Gets All Wrapped Up With Our Top Picks and Reviews

Ryland Aldrich, Festivals Editor

The Fantasia Film Festival is all wrapped up and we've got links to all our coverage and some fun answers to what we loved and didn't below!

Boozie Movies Has An Existential Crisis With 24 EXPOSURES. But The Boobs Were Nice! by Greg Christie
Boozie Movies Falls Asleep Before Reviewing ACROSS THE RIVER. But The Nightmares Were Worth It by Greg Christie
THE BATTERY Bravely Sidesteps The Usual Zombie Routine by Kurt Halfyard
BROKEN CIRCLE BREAKDOWN, A Gloriously Devastating Bluegrass Masterpiece by Kurt Halfyard
BUSHIDO MAN Will Make You Hungry For More by Andrew Mack
CURSE OF CHUCKY Is A Satisfying Old School Horror Ride by Justin Decloux
DOOMSDAYS, A Charming 21st Century Slacker Manifesto by Kurt Halfyard
FATEFUL FINDINGS, Beyond All Working Definitions Of Cinema by Peter K.
GATCHAMAN Can't Fly With Clipped Wings by Justin Decloux
I'LL FOLLOW YOU DOWN Features An Emotional Time Travel Story by Kurt Halfyard
I'LL GIVE IT MY ALL...TOMORROW Is A Charming Tale About Failing To Succeed by Justin Decloux
LIBRARY WARS. Japanese Feel-Good Action Cinema by Andrew Mack
MACHI ACTION, Heartfelt Hero Worship From Taiwan by Andrew Mack
THE MACHINE Is Great Sci-fi On A Modest Budget by Andrew Mack
MAGIC MAGIC Spirals Into Madness To Great Effect by Kurt Halfyard
OXV: THE MANUAL Has A Mighty Brain But A Heart Three Sizes Too Small by Kurt Halfyard
Boozie Movies on THE WEIGHT - Dude, It's Pretty Heavy by
WILLOW CREEK Makes Found Footage Scary Again by Andrew Mack

Miki Satoshi Interview by Kurt Halfyard
Sebastian Silva Interview by Kurt Halfyard
Awards Announced
Twitch's Top Picks!
6 Fantasia Titles on iTunes by Andrew Mack
A Rough Guide to Parsing Miike's Hybrid Thriller SHIELD OF STRAW by Kurt Halfyard
Twitch explores the lineup by Kurt Halfyard

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