19 Most Thrilling Gas-Guzzling, Car-Chasing, Road-Tripping Movies

Peter Martin, Managing Editor

After seeing Courtney Solomon's Getaway at an advance screening -- more on that later -- I began feeling nostalgic for the gas-guzzling car chase movies of my youth.

As a kid growing up in 1970s California, that meant the Holy Trinity of Bullitt (made in 1968, but in heavy rotation on TV a few years later), The French Connection and The Seven Ups, which I wrote about for Twitch back in 2006. All three were produced by Philip D'Antoni -- he directed the latter -- and set a gold standard for my impressionable mind.

But there is place for all kinds of gas-guzzling, car-chasing, road-tripping movies in the gallery below. The first pick comes courtesy of Twitch's Todd Brown; the next 11 picks are my personal favorites (including five from a 2008 article), followed by suggestions from readers and fellow Twitch writers.

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