Chinese Triads And Mutant Bunnies Invade Argentina In RABBIT WOMAN (MUJER CONEJO)

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You want a weird one? How about a live action / animation hybrid from Argentina involving Chinese gangsters and mutant rabbits? It's titled Rabbit Woman (Mujer Conejo) from director Veronica Chen and is due to take a bow in San Sebastian.

Ana, a beautiful young woman of Chinese origin who works as a municipal inspector in Buenos Aires, accidentally becomes involved in the local Chinese mafia. When they threaten her she flees to Argentina's Pampas region, invaded by mutant carnivorous bunnies.
The first trailer for this one has arrived online and while it doesn't include English subtitles I'm not sure having them would make it make any more sense, anyway. Weird, weird, weird. Take a look below.

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  • Bos

    Usually "weird" stuff says something to me. This did not.

  • Art Vandelay

    The animated interludes remind me of the claymation interludes in "The Happiness of the Katakuris", since they both add to the weirdness of the film, as well as keeping the budget low. Nice.

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