Twitchvision: Jason Gorber Talks ACT OF KILLING, ONLY GOD FORGIVES, RED 2, And More

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Busy week, with lots of decent (and a few not-so-decent!) releases. 

One of the most important docs of the last decade, The Act Of Killing finally opens wide this week, after screening last September at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Ryan Reynolds does his thing in both Turbo and the (egregious) R.I.P.D., while the gang's back in Red 2, Gosling and Winding Refn team up for Only God Forgives, and Blackfish turns its spotlight on the circus-like environment of Seaworld. Watch the video below.
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  • mightyjoeyoung

    "and the (egregious) R.I.P.D., "

    I liked Parker(2013), disliked Jack the Giant Slayer(2013), so I´m giving this a chance...hahhahhahahhahahh.....I think we have different tastes, Mr Gorber.

    "Gosling and Winding Refn team up for Only God Forgives"

    I want to see this one.

    Good work as always Mr Gorber, thanks, but I want Scott back in the chair......hahahhahahahha.....

  • man, you were doing so well, and then... PARKER... Eesh.

  • mightyjoeyoung

    Come on now, it was generic, yes, but it had some cool scenes in it.....I like it better than I thought I would.

  • Waz

    Good to see you guys promoting the site. Where are the T-Shirts?

  • I've wanted shirts for a while, would you guys buy them?

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