The Other Mikkelsen Joins SHERLOCK In Villain Role

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Mads Mikkelsen can have America, with his TV show and his movies and all that. Brother Lars? He's going to take over the UK. The BBC have just announced that Lars Mikkelsen - likely best known to international audiences for his key role in the first season of the original Danish version of The Killing - will play the main villain role in the upcoming series of Sherlock opposite Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Mikkelsen will play Charles Augustus Magnussen, an adaptation of extortionist and blackmailer  Charles Augustus Milverton from Arthur Conan Doyle's novels.

The Mikkelsen brothers have arguably been the most powerful and popular family act going in Scandinavia over the past decade with both starting from unusual origins - Mads was a dancer, Lars a juggler - before striking it big in film and TV, respectively.
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  • Nemo

    Or the Skarsgards?

  • Yup, they'd be the other big family, obviously. There are certainly more of them. But no former jugglers, to my knowledge. Heh.

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