Ride The Carousel Of Pleasure In Full Trailer For Matsumoto's R100

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The first teaser for Symbol and Big Man Japan director's upcoming sex comedy R100 ended with leading man Omori Nao approaching a mysterious door. With the just released full trailer we get to see what's behind that door and it is - as you might expect where Matsumoto is concerned - rather odd.

One of the most unique talents in global cinema, Matsumoto first made a name for himself as a hugely popular TV comedian but over the course of just three feature films to this point has already established himself as one of Japan's leading auteurs, with a frequently bizarre and yet always very compelling filmography to his name. This one looks to add to his reputation. Take a look at the new trailer below.
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  • Ard Vijn

    I did spot Hitoshi Matsumoto though (I think) at 1:20, he's a guard or something...

  • Oh, yeah. He's definitely appearing in it himself as well.

  • Le Helper

    "writer-actor-director approaching a mysterious door"


    That's not Hitoshi Matsumoto at the door, it's Nao Omori.

  • This is why I should never write while jetlagged

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