Watch The Hilarious Trailer For Chilean Comedy WORST FRIENDS FOREVER

Back in 2004, Chilean director Nicolas Lopez made Promedio Rojo, a quirky comedy about three teenage outcasts trying to survive their high school years. The success of that one film put Lopez on the filmmaking map, and was promptly followed up by the equally successful Fuck My Life trilogy, as well as the director's first foray into survival horror with Aftershock, co-written with genre buff Eli Roth.

Almost ten years later, Lopez returns with Worst Friends Forever, a sequel to his first hit. The trio of Roberto, Condoro, and Papitas (and a little person) are back for more misadventures: out of high school, older, and definitely not wiser.

From midget jokes to the "Iron Man Beard", plus the appearance of a DeLorean, this hilarious trailer promises a lot of goofy fun. Check it out below.

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